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Lecture 1

ADM3326 Lecture 1: Commonerrors13.pdf

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University of Ottawa
Raluca Balan

K EY TO C OMMON E RRORS (C OMMENTS )IN A FORMAL LAB R EPORT General A- It is better to write in the active voice more often than the passive voice. comments B- Write in complete sentences, not in point-form. C- Taxonomic or scientific names of organisms ( Homo sapiens) must be underlined or written in italics (Homo sapiens). D- Be more concise. E- References should be cited as explained in the introduction of your lab manual. F- Please double-space all text. G- Common names do not begin with a capital unless they are at the beginn ing of a sentence or in a title. H- You should provide a reference for this idea or statement. Title I- Be more specific. J- Too long. K- Include the taxonomic name. Abstract L- Certain parts of or the entireabstract are too long. M- Write the abstract in the past tense. N- Specifically state the purpose or objective of this study. O- Briefly report the most important results in a quantitative way. P- Briefly report the major conclusions of this study. How do they compare to your hypotheses and those found in the literature? Introduction Q- Specify the objective(s) of this study. R- Hypotheses should be clear, testable and specific with respect to the goals of the experiments. S- Hypotheses should be formulated before conducting the experiments, not according to the results. T- Include other references from your review of the scientific literature. Your lab manual is not enough. U- Define the key words pertinent to your experiments. V- Do not include methods in the introduction section. Materials et W- Please do not rewrite the material and methods section of the lab manual. Cite the appropriate Methods pages. X- Include modifications we made to the protocol. Results GENERAL Y- Do not include interpretations or explanations in this section. Z- Please include a verbalization of the results (one or two paragraphs stating trends or patterns shown by the graphs or tables. Graphs or tables alone are not sufficient. AA- Do not place raw data in this section, put it into the appendix. GRAPHS BB- Place the caption immediately below the graph. CC- Axis divisions: maximum 5 tick marks, well labelled and no need for a broken axis. DD- Data to ink ratio problem (n
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