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Lecture 3

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Anatomy and Physiology
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Human Anatomy and PhysiologyLecture 3Chapter 3 Plasma MembraneThe Plasma membrane separates the two bodys major fluid spots intracellular fluid inside cells and extracellular fluid outside cells Fluid mosaic model represents the plasma membrane as a double layered with lipid and protein molecules in it The proteins that float in the fluid lipid bilayer form a changing mosaic patternMembrane LipidsThe Lipid bilayer is made of phospholipids with small amounts of cholesterol and glycolipids Polar heads are attached to water thus they lie on both inside and outsideNonpolar tails avoid the fluids and line up at the centre of the membraneThis orientation of phospholipids allows the membranes to reseal when tornPlasma membranes consistency is like that of an olive oilThe lipid molecules move from side to side to prevent flipfloppingMajority of phospholipids are unsaturated which kinks their tails and increases space in betweenGlycolipids are lipids with attached sugar groups on the outer plasma membrane surface The sugar groups make the end of the glycolipid molecule polar Cholesterol also has a polar region the hydroxyl group The lipid rafts are for receptor molecules cell signalling
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