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Anatomy and Physiology
Jacqueline Carnegie

Physiology of Musclesthere are 3 types of muscles skeletal cardiac and smooth muscleskeletal and smooth muscle cells are elongated and are called muscle fibresthe prefixes myo mys and sarco flesh all refer to muscle ie sarcolemma refers to plasma membrane of muscle cells and sarcoplasm refer to cytoplasm of muscle cells Skeletal Muscle Tissueattach and cover bony skeletonstriatedvoluntary muscleresponsible for overall body mobility contract rapidly and tires easilyCardiac Muscle Tissueoccurs only in the heart at the heart wallsstriatedinvoluntarySmooth Muscle Tissuefound in walls of hollow visceral organsforces fluids and other substances through internal body channelsnonstriatedinvoluntary slow sustained contractions Characteristics of Muscle Tissue 1 Excitabilityresponsiveness and irritabilitythe ability to receive and respond to stimulus ie NT released by a nerve cell or local change in pH generation of electrical impulse that passes along plasma membrane of muscle cell and causes cell to contract2 Contractilityability to shorten forcibly when adequately stimulated3 Extensibilityability to be stretched and extendedmuscle cells can shorten when contracting and can stretch as well4 Elasticityability of muscle cell to recoil and resume its resting length after being stretched Muscle Functions1 Generating Movement
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