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Society, Stratification & Inequality Social Stratification: Institutionalized inequality resulting in some groups receiving differential access to power, wealth and prestige. Power: The ability to reach personal, financial, and professional goals regardless of obstacles Wealth: Accumulation of financial resources, material possessions, wives and children, and the potential for future earnings Prestige: The social esteem others hold for an individual Stratified Societies: Societies in which ranking and inequality among members vary Egalitarian Cultures: Groups in which members enjoy equal access to resources and positions Minority Group: is a group that is subjected to prejudice and discrimination, while the dominant group holds greater power, prestige and privilege Hierarchies Normalized: made to seem natural, normal, necessary, and inevitable Hierarchy: a system of ranking (things or people) according to different criteria Ideology: a set of beliefs and values. Typically, that are a worldview, or that explain a worldview. It is often (not always) characteristic of a culture: shared ideas about how the world works, and shared values about what is good, bad, appropriate etc. Integrative Theory of Hierarchy: Hierarchy is seen as necessary to coordinate more complex activities Exploitative Theory of Hierarchy: Hierarchy is created, maintained, and expanded by individuals or groups who seek to gain wealth or power by exploiting others Racial Stratification Race: Group of people who are categorized based on biological and behavioural traits Racism: The perception that some groups are biologically and culturally inferior to other groups Institutionalize Racism: Legally sanctioned restrictions based on the ideology that whites are biologically and socially superior to non-whites Caucasians $1, 895 above average Visible Minorities $7, 686 less than average Difference of $9, 581 White
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