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Ant 3340 lecture 4 Maiya in the mid 1700s were found. Who built these cities what function did they serve and why we're they abandoned. Major focus was on buildings and inscriptions themselves as well as writing systems. It was clear there was some kind of writing system. Some of it had to do with numbers they had some sort of counting system and some of it had dates for calenders. There was an interest in astrology. There were a few glyphs but most of them remain unknown. Early archeologist was Eric Thompson hebsajd they were maya priests living in temples focusing on astrology and mathematics cities were ceremonial centre's, relatively unoccupied for part of the year. There was a problem of having a large Centre and how food was going to get to those people that's why the idea that they didn't live there. His view dominated for a while -maya were seen as very peaceful for a long time. Archeologists then stopped focusing on things around the buildings not on the buildings themselves. They started to map the jungle around the ceremonial centre's. It was obvious that there was occupation all around the centre's. Wolf began to focus on newer cultural ecology approach which is what I just typed. What kind of cities. What kind of population how is the population supported were there agricultural systems. Traditional way of building was with poles and forked sticks. How were all these pe
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