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Lecture 6

ARB2102 Lecture 6: Lecture 6

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Arabic Language and Culture
Kamal Dib

Week 6 Original and Common Arab Instruments: the maqrunah the qasah also a cooking pot, made of animal hyde the rababah the oud mother of all instruments, playing the oud indicates they are the leader (the show the beat, the rhythm, etc.), munir bashir is one of the best out players the minjayrah a type of ute the darbukkah arabic drum, a complex instrument, if a belly dancer is present she pics what kind of music is playing the table baladi a big drum, in egypt it is associated w Ramadan bc after midnight they have an early breakfast and usually in lebanon a man with a big drum wakes people up. Mizwid the mizmar like a ute, has a particular sound sajat is the belly dancers, she makes the music with the sajat in her hands the mihbaj makes arabic coffee arabian coffee is made by the people of the desert and they are made by the mihbaj the riqq like a tambourine the naqarrah comes in 2, doesnt have a handle, a type of drum the qanun like a piano, 80 keys the buzuq the cousin of the oud became the national instrument of greece, not the oud daff similar to the riqq, like a tambourine, made of leather so it sounds diff. khilkhal another instrument the belly dancer has, is like an anklet Four Principles of Arab Music: The various Arab country today share the old musical legacies, and a multifacted music heritage that originated in antiquity, but that gained sophistication and momentum.
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