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Lecture 6

BIO 1130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Carl Linnaeus, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte De Buffon, Cougar

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BIO 1130
Jon Houseman

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Lecture 5 Darwinian Thought
Talking about Darwin
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1492, END OF THE SCEINTIFI REVOOLUTION. We still had the scala and essentialism. There has been no
advance. 1600 years later there has been no advance. However, there are people who are travelling
around the worlds. They are doing biological science. One of the first people to observe and look at the
diversity of the planet is Georges-Louis Leclerc.
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Georges-Louis Leclerc. (Comte de Buffon)
Looked at the biology of every single group of animal that was out there.
Around the world there are certain types of animals that are extremely similar to eachother.
There are animals that have canines, retractile claws.
They were essentially doing the same thing but just different sizes. There were commonalities
but were slightly different depending on the location.
What didn’t occur to him is why there were different types of cats...? Why isn’t there a perfect
variation. He realized as animals moved around the plant the abiotic world had an IMPACT ON
THE ESSENSE of the cat. The essence changed now we end up with lions, tigers, pumas..
different felines.
Biogeography- How biological make up of a species changes in geographical location. (Only with
animals that look similar) They all started in one location and migrated. As they moved around the
planet with the consumption of food, the abiotic world had an effect on the essence of the evolution.
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Eramus Darwin
Huge role in classification of science
Translated Linnaeus into English Latin to common English
Zoonomia- laws of organic life
Temple of nature; Give us an evolutionary sequence; gradual challenge. Late 1700 and the
church is very important they think that everything came on Oct 23rd 2014. Instead of getting in
trouble from the church he publishes a poem( which is not scientific). Describes that life starts
as very small un seen microbes, and he conjectures that they have live in the mud and then once
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