BIO 1140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Nuclear Pore, Integrase, Catabolism

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Understand, describe, and demonstrate the step involved in transcribing dna to mrna. Be familiar with the elements comprised in a transcription initiation complex and its role. Compare and contrast rna transcription in prokaryotes vs. eukaryotes. Know, describe and/or compare the different elements of control for gene expression in prokaryotes vs. eukaryotes: activators, enhancers, repressors, alternative splicing, operons. Transposons and retrotransposons be familiar with what they are, be able to briefly explain how they occur. Each cell contains the entire genome in an organized manner (histones nucleosomes solenoid) The genes are organized in such a manner that there is a series of genes and between the genes are intergenic (noncoding) regions. Each chromosomes have genes for many different proteins. Some genes can activate individually and some can activate along with others (in clusters) Regulatory sequence: controls the timing, location, and amount of gene expression.