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Jon Houseman

Microevolution and Speciation Across • Type of mutation that is more likely to increase variation in a population CHROMOSOMAL • Heavy selection pressure on a population cause one allele to become this FIXED • Type of mutation when only one nucleotide is changed POINT • Type of mutation where there is an addition of single nucleotide in the sequence FRAMESHIFT • The visible expression of the underlying genetic make up of an organism PHENOTYPE • Its anatomically impossible for two different species to physically mate, an example of this type of isolation mechanism MECHANICAL • Alternate forms that a gene can take ALLELES • Evolutionary change that results from changes in allele frequencies MICROEVOLUTION • Inbreeding results in a decrease in this genetic mix HETEROZYGOTES • When the gene sequence along a chromosome changes from abcdefg to abefg DELETION • The copulatory wheel in dragonflies is an example of this type of male competition SPERM • Genetic drift isn't as likely in the size of a population LARGE • Males and females often look different it is an example of this type of dimorphism SEXUAL • Crossing over occurs during this type of cell division MEIOSIS • If allele frequencies are to be stable in a population this type of selection must not occur NATURAL • Missense mutations rarely involve this nucleotide position in the codon THIRD • Type of mutation where single nucleotide change codes for the stop codon NONSENSE • Having more than the usual 2N set of chromosomes POLYPOID Down • In this proces
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