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BIO1130 Biology, Biologists and Bioscience puzzle Description Word 1. This philosophy on living things saw them as being made Physicalists up of small machines 1. In this type of review other, scientist working in the same Peer review area as you look over your manuscript and make recommendation on whether it should be published. 2. In its simplest form a historical narrative is this Story 3. Taxon below a phylum but above an order Class 4. Douglas Adams divides the history of modern science into Telescope four ages, what was the principle investigative tool of his first age of sand 5. The term a biologist uses when something is more than the Emergence sum of the parts 6. Douglas Adams divides the history of modern science into Microscope four ages, what was the principle investigative tool of his second age of sand 7. The age of science starts with the scientific revolution Modern 8. The kingdom of multi-celled saprophytic organisms that Fungi have a cell wall composed of chitin 9. The Kingdom of mulitcellular organisms that have to feed Anamalia by swallowing other organisms whole, or in chunks 10. In the classification scheme after Kingdom, Phylum, Class Order comes this taxon 11. Historical narratives ask this type of question Why 12. Number of Kingdoms in Linnaeus’ classification Two 12. Of hypothesis and theory this is the more general finding Theory that has the broadest application 13. Once the genetic code was found and combined with Organicists Darwin’s’ theories and there was an explanation for the unique vital force, these two philosophies on what life was were combined 14. The first part of the binomen, a species name Genus 15. Both a theory and a hypothesis must be able to withstand Testing this 16. Biology is first described as a science in this century; it 19th marks the start of a better understanding of the living world. 17. The major taxa recently changed, and this new one was Domain added at the very top of the scheme 18. The way that organisms in the Kingdom Fungi get their Absorption nutrients 19. Layers of sedimentary rocks that tell geological history Strata 20. This major taxon is higher than a class but lower than a Phylum Kingdom 21. The Kingdom of multicellular photosynthesizers Plantae 22. As more and more evidence supports a theory, it may Fact become this 23. Prokaryotes are before the kernel and eukaryotes have a Nucleus true kernel—what is the kernel? 24. The Greek philosopher who is given the title Father of Plants taxonomy worked with these organisms 25. The Latin name for the great chain of being proposed by Scala naturae Aristotle 25. This type
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