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Lecture 9

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Kathleen Gilmour

BIO 1140 Lecture 910Topic 4 Extracellular InteractionsPlant CellsCell walls provides rigidity and protection regulates permeability The structure involves 3 classes of moleculesoStructural Molecules cellulose microfibrilsoMatrix polysaccharides eg hemicellulose pectinsPectins can hold water and therefore allow the matrix to stay moist oAdhesive molecules pectins long complex carbohydrates that attract water and form a thick sticky gel like structure Glues the cell walls of the adjacent well walls togetheroPrimary versus Secondary cell wall primary wall has a loose network of cellulose fibrils Secondary cell wall has very organized cellulose fibrils that are highly organized It is multilayered and full of lignin oPlasmodesmata they are the connections between adjacent cells that are tubes of cytoplasm from one sell to the next allowing small molecules and ions to pass through the channels They are lined with plasma membrane They normally have a small piece of smooth ER sticking through it and the function is not known The adjacent cells are in chemical communication with one another due to these holesAnimal Cells The social networkSeveral different types of cell to cell connections such as adhesive link two cells together to let the
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