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Jeremy Kerr

19102011Lecture 9Hypotheses of Regulation and GrowthPopulation density often converges toward a particular valueRegulation is likelyTend to grow indefinitely or when shrinking to zero go towards certain values that bear resemblance to whats going on in environmentAverage values that doesnt seem to change that much through time Populations will fluctuate around this averageEvidenceEx Eggs within a clutchPopulation growth rate effected by size of pop Regulated by something intrinsicNumber of eggs per clutch as increase pop density decrease birth rate Ewer eggs per clutch as you go up pop Suggests that growth is dependent on density of speciesCoefficient of determination how precisely one variable determines another 60 of variation in clutch size is dependent on densityY axis proportion of birds that have second clutch of eggs Inc pop density birds less frequently lay second clutch Affects growth rateTot eggs laid by female inc pop density Birth rates are going down as pop density increasesMortatlity pop size at beginning and end of seasonlarger gap between opbserved survival rates and if all survivedMort increase with pop densityMigration rates pop density goes up more deathsPop growth rate is affected about how big pop density is
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