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Jeremy Kerr

Bio 2129 EcologyBio 2129 EcologyJeremy KerrGendron373jkerruottawacahttp13712214197bio2129Climate change summaryClimate change is realIt is currently caused by human activitiesIt is happening faster than we expectedThe Great Global Warming Swindlecontains multiple fully documented instances of apparent data falsification and otherwise a long series of false claims grossly out of context remarks or irrelevant diversionary arguments of zero relevance to climate change science eg around African developmentLearn about this science from scientists there are many excellent and easytoread scientific summaries the latest atYou will not learn about climate httpwwwcopenhagendiagnosisorgscience from propagandistsClimate change summaryDenier pattern for climate change1 It is not real this position has been abandoned by all but ahard core of deniers2 If it is real it is not caused by people also abandoned except by a tiny number of hard core deniers3 If it is caused by people it will be good for us or well have no trouble adaptingTeaching the controversyaround climate change has its closest analog in teaching creationism or intelligent designin an evolutionary biology class as though creationism was an acceptable alternative scientific argument toevolution Interestingly climate change deniers often suggest creationism SHOULD be taught in biology courses or that cigarette smoke does not cause cancer or that CFCs do not cause ozone depletion etc all the while taking money from theindustries they are lying to protect Its not subtle but these deniers have slowed public policy responses by a decade or two and made costs of responses dramatically moreexpensive in the interim1
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