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Jon Houseman

ProtozoansJanuary1312937 AMJan 13 2012Protozoans Phyla Rhizopoda Amoebas Euglenozoa Ciliophora Granuloreticulosea and Apicomplexa FoodSense and react to environmentMobilityOxygen gainWasteReproduction ProtozoaProtists unicellularAncestor to animalsSome behave like animals heterotrophic consume food protozoansSee in these protists traits used in multicellualar forms Origin of Nuclear EnvelopeSlide 2Important event surrounding of nuclear material with membrane nuclear membraneInvagination inside and nuclear material in own environmentImportant internal environment is specialized for all things involved in making copies transcribing etcEnvironment dedicated to transcription translation etcInvagination turned into ER secret passage way because of its origins seperate for cytoplasm to export things enlarged membrane surface EndosymbiosisSlide 3Aerobic Bacteria is incorporated in a euk cell and becomes specialized in breaking down pyruvate to carbonand make ATP for the cellMitochondria is receiving pyruvate from the host cell and providing ATP back to the cellWas bacterium because it has its own DNA circular membrane similar to bacterial membrane has own ribosome and transcription and translation systemSecond take in photosynthetic bacterium origins of plastid and chloroplast Protist Origins Endosymbiont TheorySlide 4Nuclear membranes where they came why appear and structuresorganizationOrigins Intracellular membranes and spaces associated with the endomembrane systemMitochondria explains origins Traditional Classification of Protozoa
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