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Lecture 4PlatyhelminthesJanuary2913234 PM Jan 29h 2013Animal InnovationsTriploblastic formed from the three cell layers endoderm ectoderm and mesodermMesodermal musculature everyone will form cavities with mesodermoCreate well defined muscles movement and sensory structures accumulate in the front leads to bilateral symmetry everything after is bilateraloDirected movement associated with mesoderm Body Plans slide 4Diploblastic Organisms formed from only the two primitive cell layersendoderm and ectoderm matrix called mesoglea or mesenchymePseudocoelomate body cavity that is not completely lined by mesodermAcoelomate platy Triploblastic animals that do not have an internal body cavity only space for gutoGave up body cavity and became solidEucoelomate organisms that possess a true coelom with mesoderm lining the whole body cavity ProsotomiaDeuterostomesProtostomes phyla that share the folowing characteristicsoBlastopore is mouthBlastulation one layer present blastule blastoderm cavity around it is the blastocoelGastrulation blastula is converted into a gastrula blastopore forms to create endoderm second germ layer diploSingle layer pinches in becomes endoderm surrounded by ecctodermForms blastopore opening into gut that becomes mouthospiral cleavage Pattern of cell division in embryo where products shift by rotating clockwise or counterclockwise so daughter cells lie in the furrow of the underlying pair of cell opposite of radialoSchizocoely true body cavity that forms by schizocoelus splitting of the mesodermProliferate between and splitsoAutapomorphies blastopore is mouth paired ventral nerve cord connected to apical brainoTaxa Ecdysozoa molten cuticle Lophotrochozoa lophophores and trocophores Platyzoa acoelomateDeuterostomes phyla containing following characteristicsoBlastopore is anus not forming mouth when blastopore doesnt become mouth 2nd opening doesoRadial cleavage during development as the cells of the zygote divide the products of the cell division remain stacked directly on top of each other
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