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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 - Leaf & Photosynthesis.docx

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John Thor Arnason

Lecture 15LeafPhotosynthesisDecember0112348 PM Leaf AnatomyLeaf arrangmentsSimplePinnate leaves2 types of leaf anatomyNormal C3 photosynthesisEx Lilac or wheatParenchyma like BSNo tight concentric rings of tissueKranz C4 photosynthesis subtropical grasses and weedsEx SugarcaneTight concentric mesophyll and bundle sheath layersBS cells have large chloroplastsCells anatomy in leavesSimpleXerophyte leaf Multiple epidermal layerStomates embedded in cavityEx Potato random maize parallelAquatic leaf large air spacesSmall veins Photosynthesis HistoricalLavoisierPriestly 18th centuryExperiments show that oxygen evolution occurs in separate light reactions from carbon dioxide fixation dark reactionsCarbon dioxide2waterCH2OoxygenHill 1950Light reaction separated on its own2water2DCPIP dye electron acceptoroxygen2DCPIPH2Calvin 1960Used carbon14 to show carbon dioxide fixation occurs in dark reaction separate from oxygen evolution Light Reactions Energy ConservationLight reactions converts light energy to ATP biochem energy NADPH2 reducing powerLight reactions occur in thylakoid membranes in 3 stepsLight harvesting light capture and movement1Only visible light if biochemically useful and is absorbed by double bonds in apigments
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