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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 on OTC vs Prescription drugs and ASPIRIN development

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Biopharmaceutical sciences
William Ogilvie

BPS1101th January 13 2014 Pain meds are a common thing. Prescription drugs ... 300 billion $ per year while OTC (Over the counter) drugs approx. 25 billion $ per year. Afew OTC are only found behind the counter, you have to ask the pharmacist.Anyone can obtain them. OTC vs Prescription − OTC are more commonly used and are cheaper − Prescription are less common, 10x the amount Top OTC 1 - Cough meds at 4.1 bill 2 - Pain meds at 2.7 bill 3 - Antacids at 1.4 4 - Tooth paste at 1.2 5 - Laxatives at 0.8 Considerations when buying OTC − Safety − Indications − Counter indications Safety; The dose makes the drug, the dose makes the poison. Drug = poison. Most painkillers such as Advil andAspirin are 'idiot-proof, if someone is to take 4 capsules over the indicated limit, nothing will happen. The weight of the person makes a difference in dosage. Side effects; − unintended − can be harmful or beneficial − EVERY DRUG HAS SIDE EFFECTS. If a drug has none then it's a scam. − Effects are easy to find − Every possible effect is listed, even if it's a 1 in a billion chances. Indications; − what to use for? Many people take the wrong drug or take a drug unnecessarily. Pain medications are most common. In a year inAmerica, 1200 dump trucks of pain killers are consumed. Aspirin is second most used drug inAmerica, #1 WORLDWIDE. Aspirin is based on family of plants ''SALIX'', genus family. − Salicylates Egyptians used willow for inflammation, Hippocrates used willow bark for child birth pain relief. So, the bitter willow bark has pain killing and anti-inflammatory properties. The last knowledge in dark ages due to witch craft myths. Reverend Edward Stone − Described treatment for ague (fever?). − Rediscovered willow while randomly tasting it, finding it very bitter, and compared the taste to quinine. − Since its bitter like quinine, it might have the same properties as quinine, whi
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