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Simplified Review of Drugs 101 Topic 4 - Colds

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Biopharmaceutical sciences
William Ogilvie

BPS 1101TOPIC 4 REVIEWCOLDS colds are the most common infection outnumbering all other infections by 25 to 1a hundred years ago infections used to be more seriousnow we can get over them easilycold is caused by over 200 viruses therefore heterogeneous 3050 caused by the rhinovirus Influenza virusfluIt is hard to differentiate the cold from the flu the flu gives you a fever but so dovarious forms of the coldinfluenza virus however can be fatal IF you are less than 1 yr old or older than 65 yearscolds are caused by viruses which destroy tissue of the body the symptoms of the cold however are caused by your bodys reaction to get rid of infectionno cure for the common cold average cold lasts a week cold medicine is used to relieve symptoms though many remedies do nothing more of a placebo no medication will prevent coldsResearch into Causes of the ColdCommon Cold Research UnitSalisbury England After WW2 British government thought they could treat other problems after discovery of penicillin they housed human subjects in a research compound where they would stay for 10 days advertised as a free vacation though these vacations were done for experiments designed around thecommon cold and how you might get itBy using a sneeze collector they discovered that sneezes are mostly water very few virus particles in thesneeze therefore sneezes do not spread colds well Being cold does not cause coldstherefore cold weather has nothing to do with colds Wet hair does not cause colds not in Salisbury but US study discovered that kissing does not spread colds got someone with a cold tokiss someone without a cold for 1 minute direct exposure to virus does not always cause coldonly about half the time when you administer purevirus will you get infectedCold virus in nasal secretions when you get a cold you get a runny nosethis is where the virus is after we touch our faces from this runny nose we apread the virusthis spreads very easilythrough experiment using fluorescence found how easily it could vspread cold viruses are therefore transferred by TOUCHINGespecially through commonly used objects Ex money and doorknobs colds are most common in crowdsexplains increase in colds during cold weatherwhen cold more likely for people to stayindoors which makes areas more crowded school season is also cold season note that young children are more social different social norms therefore are in closer contactExample Tristan ca Cunha most isolated island in the worldmeasured frequency of colds and cold outbreaks coincided with the arrival of a boat Washing hands may reduce colds but we cannot wash our hands constantlyhand sanitizer may reduce colds but it contains ethanol which can strip away natural oils of skin and cause skin damagehand sanitizer kills bacteria and enveloped viruses like the flu Wearing a mask will NOT protect youit protects others FROM youIncidence of cold increases with age on average North Americans get 3 colds per year when youre younger you get more coldsnot only because children are in closer contact with eachother but because they have limited exposure to cold viruses Exposure to virus causes illness and immune response is too slow and weak to prevent itbody makes large amounts of antibodies only during the infection but after the infection youbuild up memory cells so that later exposure to the same virus does not make you sickwhyolder people are less likely to get colds
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