CIN 2101 Lecture Notes - Eadweard Muybridge, Zoetrope, Barometer

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Published on 19 Nov 2012
Lecture 1: September 10
Movie is comprised of series of still photos in rotation of 20 images per second
Art: offense of natural repetition of life - makes life less predictable
History of Cinema women made to be inferior party.
Women have become caricatures of themselves.
Women- barometer of changing fashion,
Actualities: uses footage of real events, documentaries
In films, see reality that isn’t really reality
Realism vs Formative tendency/ Formalism
How films came to be: First moving images were created in a devise called the
zoetrope 19th century. Principle goes back hundreds of years. Eye has the illusion
of movement.
Official birth date of photography 1839 -> by 1850 cerotype (intro to negative) ->
Eadweard Muybridge Experiment: The horse in Motion, from California, mayor of
California asked him due to a bet that when a horse is running all four hoofs are off
the ground. Asked Muybridge to prove that.
First sequence of pictures: Movie!!
Machine that’s going to move the images quickly through a gate that will project the
pictures on a screen.
Edison Kinetoscope Films: 1894-1896 Phonograph: records sound
Lumiere Brothers: present the first example of a movie L’arrivee d’un train a la
16 frames run at 24 frames per second - Had camera and projector at the same time
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