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Lecture 2

CLA 2323 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Aegeus, Knossos, Stone Age

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLA 2323
Efharis Kostala

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-Kadmos (english form) = Cadmus (latin form)!
-Knossos (english form) = Cnossus (latin form)!
-Aischylos (english form) = Aeschylus (latin form)!
-Heracles (english form) = Herakles (latin form)— Hercules !
-Athena (english form) = Athene (latin form)!
-Aigeus (english form) = Aegeus (latin form)!
the Stone Age
Neolithic Age— 7000-3000 BC !
-meaning the “new stone age” or late stone age !
-they still relied on tools of stone before metal. !
the Bronze Age— 3000-1200 BC !
-doesn’t mean everything was made of bronze, just means bronze was in use !
-discover metal (made of copper and tin ~9 - 1)!
the Iron Age— 1200——> !
??? 4000-2000 BC!
-the stone age describes a society where the tools were made of stone !
-the figurines— maybe how people were interpreting God?? !
-a female principle is being worshipped!
3000 BC !
-pre Greeks!
-aboriginals !
-had the wheel, the plow, domesticated animals, etc. !
-we can only guess their religion but the figurines tell us they probably believed in
female goddesses or a group of goddesses!
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