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Lecture 1

CMN 3103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Participant Observation, Symbolic Interactionism

Course Code
CMN 3103
Peruvemba Jaya

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Lecture 1
Think about the foundations of knowledge
How we view the world
Qualitative vs. Quantitative
Qualitative research – multiple contexts
Epistemological foundations and paradigms
!Positivist and naturalistic paradigms and world views.
!Scientific/positivist paradigm identified with quantitative research
and the naturalistic paradigm with qualitative research.
!Now we have reached a point where we combine these
epistemologies together in a single study with flexibility and
sophistication and ease, e.g. mixed methods.
Schools of Thought
!Quantitative Research
o!Meaningfully expressed by numbers
o!Provides counts and measures
!Qualitative Research
o!Meanings, concepts, and definitions
o!Quality assessed through words, images, and description
Qualitative and Quantitative research compared
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Soft data, soft science
Hard data, hard science
Inductive process
Deductive process
Broader focus
Precise focus
Uncovering meaning and discovery
Causes and effect relationships
Multiple realities
Single reality
Words and narratives are the
building blocks in analysis
Numbers and statistics are the
building blocks in analysis
Final report is a narrative with
extracts from the words of the
participants thick contextual
Final report would be statistical
analysis with correlations, means
standard deviations
Less generalizable
Generally greater generalizability
The fact that there are possibilities of multiple realities in the same
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