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Lecture 11

CMN 3104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: May Chidiac, Public Sphere, Ageism

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CMN 3104
Dina Salha

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Lecture 11
!Eye witnesses
o!Objectivity is very ideological
o!What do you think what objective is
!Gender in journalism
o!Anchored by men
o!Women: appearance
o!Men: Qualifications
o!Older men: trust, confidence, maturity
o!Older women: they’re disspreaded
Public sphere
!A sphere where people rep themselves as individuals based on their
status, own voice, individuality.
Journalists, artists, comedians, novelists
!Powerful against authority
!Freedom of expression
!Moving public opinion
!Mostly men are subject to these attacks
!They traditionally speak for the nation
!They are in the public and political sphere
May Chidiac
!She wasn’t a sign anymore
!She transcended the sign, her gender role
!She went beyond she was suppose to
!Kill he to take her voice away
Zara Kazmi
!Freelance photographer
!Claim: killed by Iranian officials following her arrest in Iran
!Iranian officials insist her death was accidental after a heart attack
when she was interrogated

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!Examination of her body has shown that she was brutally raped,
bruised everywhere.
!Gender matters in this case
!She was taking pics
!Her voice was through the cam
o!Pics speak 1000s words
!The medium was taken away from her
o!Her eyes
!Case of freedom of expression, participation in the public sphere
o!You eliminate the voice from the public sphere
o!You eliminate the voice of a photo journalist and participant
based also on the fact that it’s a woman
Other issues with journalists and the pubic sphere
o!Male journalists are mainly at the center of the events
o!Softer stories, emotional ones, were given to female
o!Hardcore stories will be given to male journalists
o!Embedding journalists in war zone were given to men
o!Male journalists
o!Older men: We like them cause we can trust them
!!They can tell us history
!!They seen things
o!Older women they’re forgetful they don’t know they’re not up
with time
!Political participation
o!Older women don’t know much, they cannot participate
The Public Sphere
!how do we see the other
!how do other see me as a person
!The term was introduced in 1962 and published in his doctoral
thesis “ Public Space”.
! According to Habermas, the public sphere is the sphere of private
individuals assembled in a public for the “public use of reason.”
! The existence of the public sphere is co-existent with the existence
of modernity.
! media provide us stereotype with categories
!all of us have limitations in the interpretation of the other
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