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Lecture 10

CMN 3104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Judith Butler, Gulf War, Iraq War

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CMN 3104
Dina Salha

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Lecture 10
Women, Nation, and Film
!Not without my daughter (1991 – Persian Gulf War)
All these women are linked with position in society.
Eastern and Western Orientalist Visions in Film
!Gender is a part of the Orientalist discourse, especially in movies
that emerge in the West in times of war and crisis (Gulf war,
Afghani War, Iraqi War etc….)
o!Orientalist discourse about the imagination of others
! Movies become part of a series of mediated messages that justify
national and governmental actions.
o!By identifying the dominant group, you can justify a mentality
which becomes such a close mentality.
o!You justify the dominant group by crediting them for being
! The stereotypical image of the “other” (Orient) is of oppressed and
submissive females and of a violent, manipulating and yet
succumbing male.
o!Women can sacrifice their life for the nation, loved one
o!Masculinity: brotherhood, violence, invasion
! These images are used in films in both contexts (Eastern and
! Women are used in the cultural construction of nations.
National Constructions of Women
!Women as biological reproducers within a specific ethnic group.
! Reproducers of boundaries of an ethnic or national group.
! Ideological reproducers of collectivity and signifiers of culture.
o!Not without my daughter trailer
o!you see women very hegemonic, all wearing black, they
represent the “other” femininity that’s not the American
o!They become signifiers, ideological reproducer of a culture
! Signify difference in ideological discourses of the nation.
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