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Lecture 1

CMN 4166 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Celebrity Culture, Feminist Literary Criticism, Theodor W. Adorno

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CMN 4166
Gary Evans

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Lecture 1
Audience Research
Qualitative research
!Try to work toward an emergent design
!Language in terms of interacting
!You must be detailed in your observations
Things are either iconic, indexical or symbolic.
!Symbolic – Canadian
!Group of 7
o!Iconic expressers of Canadian landscape
How our audience is affected.
!Opinion leaders were the most influential people when it comes to
understanding and communicating information.
!Opinion leaders have an affect about them and people trust them.
!When people trust them they can make them think a certain way
We learn that there is really no such thing as audiences as a fixed
entity…emerges out of marketing company selling commodities via the
!Artificial construct
!They assume the audience was passive not active
!But now the audience is extremely active.
!Broadcasters wanted to know who is listening to our programs.
!Radio then television in terms of broadcasting.
!Commercial data determine what is meant my audience.
Statistical identity called audience
We have to hit the audience to sell them in order to sell them what we are
Uses and gratification theories developed
!Who would buy the products?
!How can people feel happy consuming the products.
!The audience as a whole becomes involved in encoding
!Different viewers interpreting media content differently.
Media industry depends upon hitting upon a particular target
!People of particular age
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