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Lecture 1

CMN1160 Lecture 1: Lecture 1 1160Basic Concepts

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University of Ottawa
Dina Salha

Basic Concepts Communication Media Mass Audience Communication Is an elusive concept with a range of possibilities of meanings. It can be personal, mediated, hierarchal or egalitarian. It could designate a channel of communication, form or content of communication. Highlighting psychological social or economic traits, Refer to writing, speech, signs, or gestures. Media Technologies, Human Voice, Body Mass Recent phenomenon, undistinguished, enjoyment of same content, drawing the same meaning, can generate fragmented audiences The Audience Every theory of communication is also a theory of the audience, every act of communication implies the existence of an audience, the audience is the most complex aspect of communication and the least studied. Audiences possess low-intelligence (i.e. the lowest common denominator), are passive and easy to manipulate. Empirical Measurement I – Demographics We judge audiences on the basis of their composition; Who, How many, Geographical Distribution, Income level, Educational level Empirical Measurement II A limited perspective b/c it does not tell us how to evaluate audiences It may assume that all audiences are the same when audiences differ a) In why they come together b) In their expectations c) In their outcomes Audience Competence I All audiences seek experiences Competence is: a) Knowledge of the structure of experience (i.e., conventions such as how stories begin and end) b) Knowledge of how the
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