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Chapter 6 Summary

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Chapter 6 Qualitative and Quantitative Research pg 134203 Focus issues involved in designing and developing a strategy to guide you during your research Quantitative study requires planning in detail how you will collectanalyze data Qualitative study requires immersing yourself fully in a range of data but being aware of new insights through the process Mixing both quantitative and qualitative is possible but becomes complexTriangulation Triangulation the idea that looking at something form multiple points of view improves accuracy oEx surveyors measures distances between objects by taking observations from multiple positions Four types of Triangulation used oTriangulation of measure we take multiple measures of the same phenomena Ex learning about someones healthyou conduct a questionnaire an interview speak to the caregiver Most common type oTriangulation of Observers variation of first type having multiple observers instead of 1 brings alternative perspectives backgrounds and social characteristics Ex having multiple people independently watch evaluate and record the forms of degrees of violence in a set of ten highly popular films oTriangulation of Theory requires using multiple theoretical perspectives to plan a study or interpret the data Each concept has assumptions and conceptsEx compare how a feminist a functional and a symbolic interaction theory explain the forms causes and societal results of violence that is in popular films oTriangulation of Method mixes the qualitative and quantitative research approaches and data These studies tend to be richer and more comprehensive This is done by using the approaches sequentially or in parallel or simultaneously Ex conduct a content analysis of a set of popular films as an experiment to measure the responses of experimental subjects to violence in each film Make field observations on audience behaviour during and immediately after showing the filmsQualitative and Quantitative Orientations Toward Research We strive to collect empirical data systematically and to examine data patterns so we can better understand and explain social lifeDifferences between research approaches can create miscommunication and misunderstandings Sources of Differences1 Soft vs Hard DataSoft Data dictate qualitative research strategies and data collection techniques ex words sentences photos symbolsHard Data quantitative research strategies and collection techniques ex in the form of numbers Differences may make the tools for a quantitative study inappropriate or irrelevant for a qualitative study2 Principles of Study Quantitative Study relies on positivist principles and use a language of variables and hypotheses Essentially measuring variables and testing hypotheses Qualitative Study rely on the principles from interpretive or critical social existence Conducting detailed examinations of specific cases that arise in the natural flow of social life3 Main Accomplishment for ResearchQuantitative Study usually try to verify or falsify a relationship or hypothesis we already have in mind Focus on an outcome or effect found across numerous cases Qualitative Study generate new hypotheses and describe details of the casual mechanisms or process for a narrow set of cases4 Logic for Research Quantitative study employ a logic that is systematic and follows a linear research path Qualitative study logic arises from ongoing practice and follows a nonlinear research pathReconstructed Logic and Logic in Practice Reconstructed logic A logic of research based on reorganizing standardizing and codifying research knowledge and practices into explicit rules formal procedures and techniques it is characteristic of quantitative research Logic in practice A logic of research based on an apprenticeship model and the sharing of implicit knowledge about practical concerns and specific experiences it is characteristic of qualitative research
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