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Lecture 4

CMN2160 Lecture 4: class 4

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Patrick Mc Curdy

2016年年9⽉月29⽇日 星期四 class 4 - Harold Innis(1894) • critical view, monarchs • James, inspired by the Toronto School, talking about Innis’ work, dismissed • coming from the front line, from Canada, went to Toronto School • pursuit of stables of lumber, fish shaped how the country developed • challenging the power of the US and UK - why does Babe refer to “the media of staples?”(P 64) • think media is the channel, red thread like business, culture, transportation - where are we? • how apply to media communications - what do we understand bias? • favorites time or space(bias), spectrum • the media and medium itself • defining on shaping the society - space-binding culture • we are really controlled by the military • the roman empire • break up time into measures(salary) able to credit for work, facilitate trade, things more predictable • the idea to grow, expand ad to take as much space as possible • evolution of thinking - time-binding culture: • oral culture, require brain to memorize the story 1 2016年年9⽉月29⽇日 星期四 • Innis says this reduce us because it distract us from learning other things • they are static, very practical, spiritual • the medium: the oral medium and therefore impact abstract thinking and memory • confined geographically • feature: movie, shared knowledge • minimal individuality, collective good time is experienced in multiple ways, life cycle • • space is to be protected, not to be mined - understand time bias vs. space bias media • a medium of communication has an important influence on the dissemination of knowledge over space and over time and it becomes necessary to study its characteristics in order to appraise its influence in its cultural setting - space binding media • papyrus, allows you to keep records • transition of empower to keep on control of the papyrus it shifts society • • who the boss is what the rules are • ability to challenge power • parchment of animal skin, hard to get and hard for communicating • rare, valuable and used for important tasks • light and portable and territorial societies
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