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Lecture 6

CMN2160 Lecture 6: class 6

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Patrick Mc Curdy

2016年年10⽉月13⽇日 星期四 class 6 - interactionism - whats on your mind • social impact, how we present ourselves and the reality behind that, how you use media in your life - Erving Goffman • the world is more than a stage, theatre analogy to see things on and off stage • how media presented ourselves(self presentation) - interactionism(Blumer) • 1. where meaning lies with the individual, people use objects based on the meanings • 2. meaning is instructed in relationships, we are interacting with other social individuals, use symbols to communicate is keen to developing meanings, speech accent • 3. individuals are able to generate meanings on their own, that can change over time. The function of individual and thought and it changes symbols • interested in see the media fit into peoples lives, influence understanding ourselves and others • shift from tv to social media, shape communication patterns - Erving Goffman • Dramaturgy: takes it from theatre - idea of theory that can be a lense(glasses), useful when the idea uses in social world - roles , scenes and key concepts, extend to the media, connected with framing - how we frame reality to make sense of it, present the images • self-presentation: to present in a positive fashion to others, parallel to individual to performers 1 2016年年10⽉月13⽇日 星期四 - idea of expression(expression controles by actors) vs. impressions(messages control by techniques) - 10 job tips • expressions that try to control the impressions • ways you can do to control manage the impression in certain ways(hand shake, eye contact) - front stage vs. back stage • front and back component of self presentation - front stage/ front region • how th
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