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ADVERTISING & SOCIETY- JANUARY 17 INTRODUCTION (CONT’D) Use value/Exchange value – Marxist terminology. “Fetishizing”: making something overly important in mind, making it a fantasy. - Advertising works to create false needs in people because ads promote the needs of the manufacturers.  Consumption patterns follow the patterns of manufacturing. p. 7 (Goods and Communication) - Goods are primarily needed for containing the drift of meaning.  Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’(pyramid scheme theories from the 50’s) is NOTAPPLICABLE to culture.  It assumes rationality and utilitarian nature.  Utilitarian + symbolic aspects inseparable.  Not just for subsistence/competitive disparity. (Need + Envy).  Consumption is a ritual of meaning/process. (Douglas, Ischer) • Helps identify groups, stabilize categories of culture.  Creates class boundaries via access to good available. • All cultures experience the struggle with drift of meaning. o Eg. Marriage, guns.  What things mean shape behaviour (anthropological view.) - Symbolic processes are always played out in the contexts o
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