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University of Ottawa
Deborah Landry

CRM1301 DEFINING THEORIES A series of statements that attempt to explain the relationship between two or more phenomenon and the conditions under which the relationship take place Theories try to explain, research tries to prove/disprove WESTEN LEGAL THEORIES In contemporary legal systems, reasoning resembles a mathematical system in that there is a built-in logic: things have to be resolved the way they are because they are set up to reach certain preordained “correct” solutions to problems as they are stated Right and wrong come usually from supernatural sources of right and wrong like the bible, coran etc We live in a society that still shows god in law Our job is to learn and push criminology towards more logic than supernatural Develop our own opinions based on reasoning and empirical results We have a hard time separating fact from wording in news and media, must challenge those Claims Arguments: start with factual premises and use them as a starting point, add logic and come to a conclusion Locate your fallacies, check the logic, how does the author reach the conclusion, is his logic sound? FIND THE LOGIC IN EVERY THEORY AND EXTRACT THE REAL EVIDENCE IN THE CONCLUSIONS Is the evidence even correct? Is it based on fact? Is it conflicted? Who produced it? Relate it to other produced evidence Does the author or theory rely on hidden assumptions? Does it jump to conclusions? Can you think of other explanations? Theories vs hypothesis Theories are logically sound and meets a criteria of a particular audience Hypothesis is a not-yet supported claim (but may be valid, just not proven or showed to be right...yet) T
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