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stCriminology Nov 1 Bentham is important because of criminal lawHis main focus is Utilitarianism Greatest good for the greatest amount of peopleMaximise happiness and minimize unhappiness The moral worthiness of any action is to be measured through this principle of happiness Benthams 3 reasons1Ascetism principle where you give away all the pleasures of life2SympathyAntipathyat times you are for happiness and at time you are not3Will of Godforget whether he exists or not Principle of Utilitarianism Two things guide us Increase pleasure minimize painUtilitarianism is the principle of Utility Changes the principle greatest happiness of the greatest number Principle of greatest happiness Runs into problems The goal of the government is to minimize that In many ways there are 4 systems in which you can inflect pain and pleasure1Physical2Political3PopularMoral4ReligiousSanction a sanction is a source of obligatory powers or motives of pain and pleasureA law is a sanctionPenalty for disobeying a lawThus pleasure and the avoidance of pains are the ends which legislator has in viewBeccaria one main thing for punishment is deterrenceYou cant get back to crime they already committedBenthamSatisfactionSatisfaction is a benefit in consideration of injuryprovide cosumpation for injury or closure It is crucial it must be part of punishment
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