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Valerie Steeves

thJanuary 20 2012th4 Lecture Todays lecture will comprise of the following1 Initiate Court Proceedings 1Arrest Defined 2Powers of Arrest ss 494one that gives power toanyone 495powers to police officers 3Arrest only if 4After arrest including BailRole of Trial Judge Crown Attorney and Defence Counsel in CJS 1 Adversarial System 2 Plea Bargaining 3 Criminal Trial as Social RitualArrest only ifS4952 only arrest someone if you have to accomplish the following 1 Establish their identityname address 2 Preserve evidence court process 3 Prevent further offences cool down period The or means one or the other only need 1 of the 3y If you dont have any of those then you use a summons to make the person appear in court if you do you must detain them in jaily And you have reasonable grounds to believe that the accused will fail to appear in court unless you arrest themExam question Why wouldnt you just keep this guy in jailTheres a presumption of innocence innocent until proven guilty prove guilty in court therefore you have to get this person to courtI want to protect the innocentThe whole purpose is to protect the innocent and prove that they are beyond a reasonable doubt that they are blameworthyUntil I get someone to a judge follow the rules to the evidencey Keeping them in jail to long would then be seen as an abusive forceUpon ArrestS494 Anyonedeliver accused to police office forthwith as soon as possible if someone other than a police officer arrests someone they have to call the police right awayS495 Now an arresting officer is suppose to release give a piece of paper a summons or appearance notice right away unless they establish that identity go back to arrest only
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