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First lecture for Imprisonment as punishment

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Kate Fletcher

Imprisonment as punishment 192012 60000 PM Nosmao26Ideologies Punishmentpeople who break rules transgress formal legal codes must be punished by taking away their libertiesor this is how we feel its most effective and it feels egalitarian to usWill the deprivation of liberty feel the same to everyone No Sometimes prison can be the better optionTreatmentyou are going here to be reformed and treated and make criminals betterFix through treatment They are going to be fixed This definitely does not happen PreventionHow would a prison be preventative It might create an idea of deterrence The threat of imprisonment Incapacitate people You wont end up reoffending Deprivation of liberty Penaltyslavery used for laborthMeans of coercionextortionfrom the 10 century temporarily detained as a way to get money out of youthMechanism of temporary detentionfrom the 12 century you see imprisonment as this Starting to see prison in the forms that we currently see it No resembling prison reallyEcclesiastical confinement Church forbidden to draw blood Confinementsolitudepunishmentpossibility for penitencethe individual will be penitent meaning that you will seek forgiveness in the eyes of god Model for later prisonsEarly punishments punishments on the body
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