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Christine Bruckert

Week 10 - Violence against "othered" workers Protest in Rabat, Morocco - Amina Filali • Rape very serious here • If the man marries the women he isnt charged • Idea behind law is to protect the womens honor • Amina raped at 15 at knife point • Father wanted to press charges • The court recommended to arrange marriage • Wife pressured him becasue she didnt think the daughter wouldnt have a happy life, excluded, etc • Amina did marry the rapist • Physically and sexually assualted • Commited suicide by rat poison • Women fighting to have law overturned "We are all Amina's" Class Action Law Suit - Janet Merlo (representative plaintiff) • She's now out of RCMP so they cant hurt her now • Standing up for other women • Everytime she complained she was told to put up with it or if it went forward it was dismissed • Wasnt taken seriously and had an unsafe work enviroment Appeal Court Decision in Bedford (March 26, 2012) • Ruled that 210 (body house law) is unconstitutional, puts sex workers at risk because they cant work in there own home • Goverment has months to write new law • 212: Anyone who lives on a sex worker money, body guards, etc are able to be charged • Now its living off the avails exploitedly • Step in the right direction • 213 (communicating law) - staying, social nuisance wins • Thrown the street based workers are the most vulnerable and they just throw them to the wolves Violence against workers in/from the Global South • Speaks to relations of power o Not just gendered o Also racial, etc • Physcial, sexual, economic, psychological, verbal violence • Is supported/ facilitated by broader discourses and practices (context) • Draws the divisions between women into sharp relief and highlights the significance or class, racialization and citizenship Domestic Workers • Marginalized women/ populations • Its the women that said get out of the kitchen get out of the nursery that abuse the women cleaning their houses Case Study: Anita Ortega From "Hidden in the Home" • 40 year old Guatemalan woman employed in US as domestic • Verbally promised 300$ a month and room and board • No one explained rights to her before she came, signed contract right away • All household chores, cooking, caring for kids, etc • 6am-5:30pm • Sun was day off but still had to cook, and the kids still asked for her • Asked for a raise, said he couldnt pay her more, threatened to send her back to her country • Earned 1.74$ an hour, 35% of min wage • She never left the house alone • Confiscated her passport • Wasnt allowed to leave for anything • Became afraid because wife told her people would hurt her • Wasnt allowed to talk to anyone when they took her out with her, wasnt allowed on the phone • Asked to leave on sunday • Wasnt allowed a key, when she was sick had to stay in because she couldnt have a key to get back in • Wasnt allowed to see doctor • Sexually touched by employer, forced to watch porn • She explained she is a single mother of 2 daughters, cant afford to take care of them and thats why she never left • Didnt know anything about lawyers so couldnt do anything, had no where to turn What forms of abuse? -economic -sexual -neglect -pyschological -intimidation Domestic Workers in Canada Some issues that emerge • Economic explotation o Working without days off o Below min wage o I can have you deported • Denied labour rights • Isolated • Movements controlled • Fear exploited o Told they can be arrested if they dont have their passports (taken from them) • Unsafe work enviroments o Not allowed to go to the doctors • Sexual and physical assault • Verbal abuse o Children model parents behaviour o Wear them down • Note:abuse most pronounced in live-in situations • Dangerous because of chemicals (cleaning products) Live-in care giver program • Live in establishment, on site, take care of house and children • Approximately 150,000 women • Predominantly from the Philippians • Abuse common: in 2010 Alberta government study -74% • Bring in qualifyed workers when there are not enough canadians to fill the jobs • Live with them for 2 years • Qualifyed: o High school diploma o Six months of professional training o English or french o Contract from employer • Many women that come are supporting families and hope to bring them over eventually • Charged by employment agenies to find them contracts • Now after 6 months they can move, the still have to be in a live-in si
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