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Christine Bruckert

Midterm Feb 15th 5:30-7:30 Short answer with choice and essay Readings, lectures, guest speakers and videos Final During exam period Short answerand essay (choice) Not cumlative except for concepts and background info in last class (week 2 and today) Optional assignment Books: Jane Doe or Sex Workers in the Maritimes talk back (benjamin books) Concepts:  • Power/ constraint • Resistance • Choice Womens socio­economic status • Women earn less than men • Often parttime • Little benefits • 19% of women live in poverty in canada • Women without a man are poor • Tend to teach, health,sales and service • 1-4 of politicians are women How do these limit women? • Economic resources • Labour location • Social expectations • Beauty imperative • Women are operating on choice but choicing in what has been chosen for them • What is doable and what is thinkable? ***Resistance*** Exam Definition: The tactics, strateies and practices persons employ to assert agency and contest the conditions or implications of their position Theoretical roots: Foucaults power as a relationally-realized negotiated dynamic Study of: Peoples struggles to further their interests and exercise agency within the context of the oppression and lack that characterizes their situation How we resist is always conditioned by those restraints. Ex: teacher is harressed by police, she can go through the courts for help. If she was a sex worker she wouldnt be able to go through the courts. Resistance depends on social status Axis of resistance • Individual/ collective o Ex. of individual: first women that went to law school • Passive/ violent o Ex. Of passive: refused to have sex with their husbands until there husbands voted the way they wanted them to do o not doing anything, subtle • Everyday/ exceptional o Ex. of everyday: peircing, shave hair, etc Example of exam question:Demonstrate passive and violent resistant through the videos Limits of resistance Not all acts are resistance (the meaning behind it may be different) Ex: not shaving legs for statement or just cause your lazy Shaped on gender, not all women equally positioned Appreciate that 1. violence that is not just interpersonal 2. violence is determined by factors other then just gender violence can also be psychological and emotional 1st wave feminist  • was very racist • Racist argument againt black men 2nd wave (early on) • Focused on sisterhood • Gender as overriding, what united all women, much more important than other things • Previdledged middle class white women • Ignored working class, black, lesbian women • Silenced the women that disagreed o Ex: aboringal women say they felt closer to aborginal men more that middle class white women • Not man haters Intersections and layers Interssectionality: how diverse biological, social and cultural categories including gender, race, class, ability, sexual orienation and other axes interact and contribute to systematic social inequity. Oppressions within society-racism, sexism, homophobia and religion- not do act independently of one another. Intersecting oppressions create and maintain systems of privilege and disadvantage that play out at the macro and mircro levels How are interpersonal violence used because of the social location? Ex: Pamila (prostitute) that was murdered If you are on the street you are more vulnerable to that type of violence. Advantage and diadvantage is always together. Women are disadvantage which automatically make men advantaged. White Priviledge Checklist • Being white gives us assets • Gives us advantage • Bandages are flesh color and you know it will blend with your skin somewhat • If you are pulled over by the cop, you dont have to worry that it was because of your race (black) Sexual orientation • Homophobia • Heterosexism: assuming your partner is someone of the opposite sex • Social and family exclusion • Marginalization • Bullying • Invisibility • Suicide • Denial of jobs • 4x more likely to be violence of crime • 52% of youth contimplate suicide ***Violence is mediated by social location*** A. vulnerability to violence B. forms of violence (self-inflicted, interpersonal , stitutional,state...) C. strategies and tactics avaible to resist D. access to resources to mitigate Aboriginal Women History: • Colonialism o Cultural genecide  Assimilate aborginals into white society by any means necessary o Through laws  Not allowed to speak native language  If they went to war, they left the reserve and lost their treaty right • Resisdental schools o Strategy of forced assimilation o If they didnt send their children they would not get any government support o 1-3 are still effected by the resisdental schools today o Kids sent off to resisdental school, leave home, stay there until next summer o Lost nurture, e
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