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CRM 2307 Notesfeminismthere must be a political agenda an actionFeminism a movement for social cultural political and economic equality of men and women it is a campaign against gender inequality It is not static there are conflicting positions it is diverse there are many feminismsCriminology is often gender blindwomen are still a subcategory to most mainstream criminology not a lot of gender analysis Feminism offers criminology a recognition of the importance of gender Criminology offers feminism the importance of the statewhen the state steps in it rarely works in favour of the disadvantaged to call someone a victim strips herhim of their agency it is degrading treatment of sex workerswomen offenders is based on assumptionsviews of the other of what kind of woman they are Montreal MassacreDecember 6 1989Mark Lepine entered the MTL Polytechnique school and shot people walked into engineering classroom divided the class into males and females shot the women 14 killed 9 other women and 4 men injured He said to them you are feminists you dont belong here he blamed them for taking his spot in the school Suicide notehe had a hit list with prominent Quebec feminists on itWhats changed since thenLong gun registryto try and prevent these kinds of events we commemoratenational day of remembrance and action on violence against women thDecember 6 Video Focus on arguments and points the 3 explanationsQuestion what impact have the events had on us as a society exam questionhate crimelegacy of paindescribed by one of the 2 profs as a mad manshouted I hate feminists before leaving meticulously thought out and executedtelling men to get out of the way so he could shoot the women it has changed the lives of many people and haunts many more trying to understand the motivation thought processtalking to friends of Mark Lepinegreat mind very knowledgeabledidnt take pleasure in things that most normal people dohe was secretive and closed not sociablegave impression he was hiding something parents divorced father became absentbecame interested in violent gamespaintball hunting peoplefelt rejection from womenwould not show emotions even if his mother died conversation between Markfriendtalked about suicidesaid if he ever did he would take as many people as he could with himcourt documentsfather was abusive mother was forbidden to console him he and his sister would be locked in their bedroom for extended periodsThe people who do this type of thing are not mentally ill but people who have been badly hurt exposed to violencethis occurred at a time when women were breaking looseit reflects the predominant tension in general society at that time reflects the timesracism sexism etcaustere mother abusive fathera bitter and frustrated young man Experts on what makes mass murderersobsessive narcissistic personality one that blames others abusive childhoodhe had them all ritual every yeara concert to help people mournhas created more tragedy in its wakemortician working that night never worked there again after that nightwomen with multiple bullet wounds friend of one of the victims suffering from depression and feeling that she has also died with her friendone of the fathers committed suicide a year later many of the young men felt guilty for not helping in shock depression one of the young men hung himself 9 months laterhis parents committed suicide together a year later they were unable to carry on without their beloved son the ripple effects of the tragedy7 years after the massacrea young woman died from a drug overdoseMark Lepines sister Competing explanationspsychologicalthe mad man argumentmentally illpsychological problems broken family absent father mother blaming problem these arguments deny context his plan was very well thought out he had a high IQ and was very intelligent it was well executed and plannednot consistent with madness criminologicalmass murderthere are more and moreoften Rambostyle these individuals externalize blame are social misfits often socially isolatedblame others eg feministswhen they snap they often use a proxytheir victims in proxy of the group they blamefeminist what Mark Lepine represents is a broader misogynyan extreme systematic event which reflects much broader discourses around feminism mens rightful place and the hatred of women the 14 women represent all womens victimization and the potential risk that all women experience DiscussionImpact of violence against women in your lifeThe ripple effects The men were victimized too not just the womenwhat are the implications of violence against women and our awareness of it forwomenmensociety as a society we are very conscious of violence against women and awareness of violenceJanuary 13 2014Economic class and social location dont need to memorize numbersstatsKristina Musca TA kmusc020uottawacaProgresshistorically many women were devalued women were propertyyou couldnt be charged or convicted of raping your wife prior to 1983sex was part of the marriage contract the man was entitledBritish Common Lawrule of thumb dont beat your wife with a stick that was thicker than your thumbvery difficult for men to get charged for beating his wifeshe must have been doing something wrong eg frigid bad housekeeperthe state tended to side with the husbandwe are now seeing the emergence of a social problemVAW has become problematizedbut there are limitations we continue to focus on the pathological otherwe worry about the stranger dangerrapist in the bushes Ottawa Police telling women to walk in pairs etcignoring violence that occurs in intimate relationships and with people known to each other also focus on interpersonal violence without looking beyond itthe other ways women are victimized eg not just wife abuseWomen experience it because of their position in society not necessarily because men are aggressors against womenits not just gendered much of our awareness is because of feminism and womens movement First wave feminists were concerned with wife battering and blamed it on the demon of alcoholmen battering wives under the influence of alcoholSecond wave feminists were concerned with VAW particularly wife battery and sexual assaultwe get a narrative around SA they often missed the diversity amongst women and men accused of being class and race blind a white middle class movement ignored diversityThird wave feminism tries to correct and move beyond some of the limitations of second weave feminists theorizinglooking at diversity victimization takes many different formsVictimization of women note not women as victimsit denies them agencywomen can victimize other women
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