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Christine Bruckert

Erotic Dance – Tuulia Law - People believe it is an unskilled job – strippers are lazy partiers. - Skilled emotional labour - Skills (it is a real job): o Stage shows – present yourself o Hustling – on floor talking to customers (goal to lap dance) o Interpersonal skills – talking to strangers, about light conversation o Emotional labour – as a worker you portray a certain emotional state to manipulate the customer into an emotional state o Take on gender identities to take on a work persona o Self motivation – getting yourself to make money o Keeping verbal communication – keeping boundaries. Self monitored o Business negotiation skills – fees, repeat cliental, maintain relationships o Maximize the amount of time you have – being able to tell who will spend money o Licensing – have with you all times. Need a police check to get one – criminal? o Physical prowess – walking gracefully in heels, flirtatious body language o Art of the Segway – going from chitchat to a dance - Independent contractors of the club, employee of the club – no salary - 2004 protesting resulted in no licensing in Ottawa. Still a continual point of struggle for major cities like Toronto, Niagara Falls etc. - Lap dancing is a naked dance in someone’s lap, involves touching but no genital touching - 1997 lap dancing is degrading to women - 1999 no longer seen this way and made a comeback after 2000 - By Laws: o Caused anxiety for dancers – charging or busting o Take time off until busts were over o Lap dances are prohibited – signing waivers to say you ‘won’t’ give a dance - Would Like: o Them to acknowledge that there is touching o The constant worrying of being charged to be enforced in another way o Would like to see labour regulation – treatment of contractors vs. shift workers. Breaks – similar to mainstream employment o Not a lot of acknowledgement of the reality of what occurs in stripping o Prefer the flexibility of being a contractor - Assumption strippers have low self-esteem, psychological problems: o Because you cant possibly like what your doing o Arrive there because you are victims of child abuse o Take drugs to cope or are high when they work – supplying a habit - Assumption that sex work is violent – it is no more violent - Flexible job, like the attention and feeling of power got from working – does not mean it is done to fill a void or can only feel good from men – confidence boost - Painted as victims of o Dieting o Drugs o Cosmetic work - One element that CAN be psychologically damaging is the stigma that is attached with danci
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