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Erin Mc Cuaig

Guest Speaker­ Understanding Prison Tattooing Tattooing: General vs. Prison Population • 10% of world pop has tattoo • 20% of canadians has tattoo • 60% + canadian prison pop has tattoo • 85% + russian prison pop has tattoo • 45%+ canadian offenders obtain tattoos behind bars Stereotypes • People with tattoos are deviant Ethnography ­ cultural criminology • What do there tattoos mean to them? • View of Subject as expert • Meanings/ symbols through understanding and experience of participants • Can help us understand practice in a different light Why the prevalenece • Historical tradition A prison tradition • Dont have proper equipment • Oldest method is needle and thread • Make own ink • Tattoos give them a way to show individualism • Hard to get good red dye - ends up being pink • Usually imagary is really dark o Usually have tears, each one representing someone that died while they were in prison • Means of resistence o Not allowed so by showing them your tattoos its showing the people who are controlling you • Dont want anyone to have the same tattoo as you in prison o Unless its the tears o Or a gang tattoo • Gang tattoos can be bad because you get their tattoo and then are t
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