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Lecture 17

CRM 2306 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Self-Harm, Substance Abuse, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Course Code
CRM 2306
Kate Fletcher

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CRM 2306
September 22, 2016
Woe’s Riskiess Due to Needs
Needs that dictate their level of risk according to CSC
Addiction, education, poverty, employability/employment history, abuse and family/marital
Average education attainment: grade 8
Have been involved in casual labor
Jobs that are suitable for low skilled labor
Programs are based upon their needs
Female Prisoners
Strategies for governance = heterosexist norms
All these uderstadig aout oe’s differee hae ee trasfored i idiidualized and
psychologized ways of understanding how to treat women in prison
Our conceptions of genders/capitalism/patriarchy end up leading to particular strategies for government
female prisoners that really emphasized that they are not doing their femininity appropriately
We see a fous o oe’s psholog ad goerig oe i heteroseist as
Normative ways of being a woman: docile, cleaning, cooking, child bearing, passive, nurturing, sociable
By virtue of the fact that these women have commit crime, acted out, unsocial behavior = they are
Measurig up rie to ho a real oa is supposed to e like
Woe oplaiig aout jos that are ot goig to lead to potetial eploet he the’re out of
prison (domestic labors)
Whereas men are getting taught trades and jobs that are more relevant to the outside world
Having in Both Ways?
TheraPUNITIVE paradigm
Threatment (thera) + punishment (punitive)
Refor + disiplie urul oe
You a’t hae it oth as
They treat them like children
Self harm = trying to gain control amount and degree of pain
Merging treatment and punishment
Pollok does’t talk aout e rehailitatio ut arros a e puitie
Women have trauma - get framed problematic issues that needs to be fixed with punishment
We can punish you and your actions at the same time as making you better
Regulatig oe to e osidered urul,  irtue of the fat that the’e egaged i this ehaior
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