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Lecture 5

CRM 2307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Victim Blaming

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CRM 2307

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Acts that are intiontional,
Victims of
Cab- have access to money, work at night,
Sex workers – work at night, have access and carry cash work among the public
- emerges from tension, was not intended
- women are more volunrable b/c they work with the public
Hitting, slapping, sexual abuse, assault with a weapon ex: needle, harrasmant that can be escused as
just teasing
Nurses are dealing with an increase of patients who are unstable, working in psychatric places,
distraught by pain, might be angry, etc
3rd of assualts are by the patients family members
Dramatic changes
Hard for nurses to fight back b/c they must be caring
Most violence is not reccorded, they are diswaded from making a compliant
Nurses needed training
More and more ppl with dimintcia
Lateral violence – violence at the work place,
Can be physical, threats bullying,
1 there is a hierarchy
-2 lack of over sigh, mangers are now caught up in more over sight
- 3 submission agressive response ( nurses are oppressed, feel a lack of otanomy, lack of
control, feel alienated – 1 way to is to abuse the little power that they have
Like sexual assualt sex.. H is about power
Is acceptable b/c it is viewed as a compliant-- but is unwelcome
Is desinged to control or decieve women
Victim has no choice
Promise of sexual favours – ex: prof giving good grade an exchange for sexual favours
Abuse of power- anyone who has authority over someone else brief of trust
Posining env.. - anything that will cause someone stress, making someone feel uncomfortable
Physical ex: touching, elctronic ex pics:
Gender based: - (Gender roles) making fun ofsomeone b/c they are not feminie enough
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