CRM 2310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Hypodermic Needle, Public Intoxication, Collective Action

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12 Feb 2016
Lecture 6—Tuesday, February 2, 2016: Whose Community Is It Anyway?—Communities
as Contested Spaces Continuation
Geography of the City
oWhen dealing with people who are street entrenched, there are going to be
different places they are going to inhabit
oMarginal Spaces: Parts of the city where someone can “disappear”, sleep, hang
out, escape notice of authority, property owners, business owners
oPrime Spaces: areas, streets, the possibility of subsistence, pan handling,
Tactical use of space
oIntersection of marginal and prime: are social services and street people are going
to tactically use them
Civility Laws
Target forces of disorder/people who embody it gestures viewed as aggressive
oPeople moving through private space are regulated
oAllowing disorder to proliferate leads to crime
oDisorder: public intoxication, soliciting, littering, graffiti, dilapidation
oIf you allow disorder to grow and expand, crime will enter the neighbourhood
oWe need to target individuals to stop this
oTheir behaviour is aggressive
Sometimes deserving of sympathy but requiring social control
oSometimes they may not be here through their own faults
oDrain on society
Displace to decrease visibility
oBut look at this as something we need to control, and contain
oIf we can contain them in one part of the city, then it will be safer
Instructive function
oTell society what to feel and what to think about certain groups
oThese laws resemble a set of instructions for all of us of how to avoid and
eliminate street people
oPeople represent a threat
Ontario Safe Streets Act, 1999
Solicitation (request, in person, immediate provision of money or another thing of value)
in an aggressive manner (likely to cause a reasonable person to be concern for her/his
safety) prohibited
Solicitation of captive (ATM, telephone, toilet facility, public transit) audience
Disposal of certain dangerous things (broken glass, new or used hypodermic needle or
syringe) prohibited in outdoor public place (not limited to sidewalk, street, parking lot,
swimming pool, beach, etc.)
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