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Part Two of the Course ---Chapter 6 Personality Factors
Define self-esteem confidence >believing in yourself and in your abilities >your confidence
>how do we build our self-esteem? With interaction with others
>global self-esteem --happy in the world as a whole
>situational self-esteem --feeling more comfortable in some places but not others
--school, home, work etc
>task self-esteem --certain subjects in school you feel more comfortable learning in
--group work, individual etc
Define attribution (how people explain the reasons for their failure or success)
>what people attribute their failure {factors external to learner 1)chance (by) 2)difficult }or success {2
factors related to learner him/herself 1)capability 2)effort} too
self-efficacy >high self-efficacy higher success --believes in his ability and puts enough effort and time
into his own learning
ability, effort, chance, task difficulty
Define inhibition
>less inhibition = better learner >interact more with people and be more communicative
>higher inhibition =poor learner >more defensive
Define risk taking
>person who takes risks is willing to gamble >educated guessing >moderate risk taking
>ppl who take no risk taking
Define anxiety
>some ppl are more anxious than others
>global anxiety
>situational anxiety --public speaking performance anxiety --the kind of impression you make
w/inaccuracy --test anxiety
Define empathy
>ability to put oneself in another’s shoes >must be able to understand self &then try to understand
other’s >(+) to facilitate communication >(+)you can easily interpret other emotion you can
communicate accordingly
Define (turning the person inwards or outwards to get satisfaction, wholeness, worth, approval)
introversion >
extroversion >seek approval of others >reaching out more for approval positive in L2 learning because
it forces you to be more communicative
Pg 177-178 look at character types and try to remember 2
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