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Assignment 4.1: Dialogue 4 — Industry-Specific Use of Information Technology The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational corporation and the world's fourth largest automaker based on worldwide vehicle sales, with global revenues in 2007 of $172.5 billion. In 2007, Ford produced 6.553 million automobiles and employed about 245,000 employees at around 100 plants and facilities worldwide. The Ford Motor Company’s website main purpose is to sell the companies product, that being automobiles. Traversing the site the reader is met with five major links each offering in itself several other links to explore. Covisint’s role in its respective website is to provide Ford the services that will help him to securely share a large number of Ford specific applications with global supplier companies. Also Ford is able to maintain an extensive library of updated information and documents that suppliers need to collaborate with Ford. It also is used to provide the Ford Supplier Portal which improves sharing of information and collaborative business processes with suppliers. Covisint helps Ford save on the cost of maintaining a supplier facing portal and frees valuable resources to direct their attention to improving business processes with suppliers. The HSBC Group as it webpage says is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. Its strategic direction reflects its position as the world's local bank with its unique cosmopolitan customer base. Also, HSBC is progressively reshaping its business by investing primarily in faster growing markets and, in the more developed markets, by focusing on businesses which have international connectivity. It has around 9,500 offices in 85 countries and territories and his assets reach the US$2,547 billion. It also employs 335,000 employees worldwide, as it has over
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