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L13Q - Streams

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David Schneider

Lecture 13 Questions 1. Point bars are deposited _____________ . A. on the inside of a meander bend B. on the outside of a meander bend C. at the base of a waterfall D. by turbidity currents E. in the middle of braided system 2. As a river overflows its banks during flood, it drops much of its coarser-grained load immediately, forming landforms called ___________ . A. deltas B. alluvial fans C. point bars D. natural levees E. distributary bars 3. Which one of the following generally decreases downstream along the length of a stream? A. channel width B. gradient C. velocity D. channel depth E. vegetated banks 4a) In a given location, precipitation = 100 mm/yr, evapotranspiration = 60 mm/yr. What is the surface run-off? Surface runoff = input - losses = 100 mm/yr - 60 mm/yr = 40 mm/yr 4b) If the climate changes, decreasing precipitation to 50mm/yr, and with water in the ground equaling 20 mm. How long will it take for there to be no water in the system? 4c) Why would this be negative for agricultural regions? 5. The annual discharge for the Mackenzie River is 325 km /year, the St. Lawrence is 318 km /year. If snowfall input decreases in the northern Mackenzie drainage basin by 600 cm /yr, 3 and if rainfall input increases in the St. Lawrence by 800 cm /yr, which basin will have the greater annual discharge in 5 years? The St. Lawrence will have the greater annual discharge in 5 years. Lecture 13 Questions 6a
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