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Lecture 19

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Lecture 1920 ClimatesClimate Variability Weather state of atmosphere at given time and placeinstantaneousweatherftemperature air pressure humidity cloud cover wind speed and directionWeather is instantaneous state of atmosphere at one point geographically at a specific time weather is not climateClimate is the average weather over a longterm accumulation of about 30 yearsClimate system complex system that tries to understand interaction from all sub components doing that keeping space and time in mind All interactions between the atmosphere hydrosphere Cyrospshere lithosphere and biosphereSystem group of interacting parts that form a complex wholeComponents of a climate system everything affect everything else sea change feedback than measure reaction and see a differenceThe forcing shown above represents the input that we are changing eg change in Earths orbit may change the amount of heat that hits the EarthWe can impose change by an internal forcing if to plates converge what can be the impact of that on climate which turns into an outputTime scales of the climate systemNumerous time scales difficult to describe a ten year cycle from a thousand year cycleCrucial perspective to keep in mindClimate varies on different time scales from the billion year geologicscale to the 100 year human lifetimescaleTime scales of variation shown in slide 6 you have the largest time scale in brown main driver was plate tectonics super continent assembly breakup
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