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Lecture 6

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Geological Time GeochronologyHistorical perspectiveUssher 1625 Sat evening 22 Oct 4004 BC Bible genealogy catastrophismHutton 177080s like really oldKelvin 1890s 2440 Ma cooling molten earth modelJoly 1890s 90100 Ma ocean salinity modeleo1900s 3 Ma to 1600 Ma sediment deposition modelBecquerelCurrie 1896 radioactivity discovered first age estimate1640 MaDating1 relative datingcompare 2 or more entities to determine which is older2 numerical datingspecifying the actual number of yearsyears that have passed since an event occurred also known as absolute age datingPrinciples Of Relative DatingRules to compare rocks that are not located near one another1Principal of Uniformitarism Huttonpresent is key to pastsame processes act throughout time but possibly at different ratesmore influential than catastropheshurricanes floods impactsfor general cases rivers flow downhill volcanoes erupt lavaspecific cases there has not always been rivers volcanoes not always erupt same composition lavaeg ancient Earth spun more rapidly than does modern Earth 440 days v 365 days But still useful to determine how rocks are positioned2Law of Superpositionmost sediments settle from waterwindyoung rock material sediment is deposited on top of earlier older deposits3Principle of Horizontalitylayers of sedimentlava are generally deposited in a horizontal positionwhenif tilted how identify upper or top surface ripple marks mudcracks4Principle of Crosscutting Relationshipsintrusive formation must be younger than rock it cuts across also used for faults5Principle of Fossil Successionfossil organisms succeed one another in a definite and determinable order and thereforeany time period can be recognized by its fossil contentshortlived widespread organismsindex fossilsVertical Correlation look up superposition horizontality xcutting relationsCorrelation Of Rock LayersMatching of rocks of similar ages in different regions is known as correlationVertical and horizontal relationships of rocks
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