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Lecture 2

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Week 2Origins of the Cold War The Venerable Historical Question Was the Cold War an inevitable outgrowth of intrinsic differences and incompatible interests among the Allied Powers against Hitler once the battle against Nazism was won or was one side more responsible for allowing tensions to escalate into what became known as the Cold WarThe Historical Method oObjectivity refers to the ideal of looking at an historical event without prejudice there by revealing the unvarnished truthWhile historians cannot escape all the filters that condition their subjectivity one simple tool that can help to curtail bias is to examine an event from opposing viewpointsFor example in studying the origin of the Cold War one might examine this from the perspective of both East and West and then try to reconcile these viewpoints with surviving evidenceFramework for Analysis Slow Dissolution of a Marriage of Convenience 19451949Cold war metaphor Exhausted economically and spiritually from the war the last thing anybody wanted in June 1945 was another war least of all amongst the allies who had collaborated to bring down HitlerAnd yet within a short space of time the mood in both the East and West soured and the Cold War beganTo analyze the origins of the Cold War we adopt the metaphor of a break up of an odd couple and we will scrutinize the period from 1945 to 1949 to analyze each sides account of why their marriage of convenience fall apartBoth sides were threatened by Hitler circumstances brought them together but they had many differencesa break upIYalta as Postwar Europes Unwitting Blueprint 1945oCasabalanca Conference 1942Unconditional Surrender conditionoccupying Germany and forcing them to surrender This worked for both sides bc they were both interested in solving the german problema question of trust bc they didnt trust the other side oThe Tehran Conference Jul 1943 One of the problems of the alliance was that the Soviet union did most of the workthey paid most of the price Stalin started to negotiate with a deal with Hitler the West found out The west were providing tanks and supplies but Nazi germany was being fought by the red army sociviets1 Stalins flirtation with German Armistice2 Wars turning point reached3 West agrees to Stalins terms on Poland
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