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Chinese Civil war and the Japanese Economic Recovery

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Hernan Tesler- Mabe

Common turnCommunist internationalChinese Civil war and the Japanese Economic Recovery1 Introduction 2 The Chinese Civil War 19271950Historical antecedents main protagonists and whysCommunist party of China 1941With Soviet supportUntil 1912 China was an imperial dynasty Power struggle when the first president diesin the nationalist partyMao Zedong 1927 1931 and 1967Establishes a unified China in 1927Sets out to defeat the movement of the communist partyLong March 19341935Cover 5000 milesStart have 100 000A year later less than 20 000Succeeded in draining the communist party Chiang KaiShek 1907 1942 1948Gotten arms from the Soviet unionTries to destroy the communist partySuspends the long march to defend from JapaneseHate communistsWar begins in 1937Japanese forces take control of Eastern ChinaCommunist party grows exponentially 12 million party membersNationalist government had begun conscription1937Nationalist government still in placefalling victim to Japan and their own country19371945Second side note of the ChinesJapanese warUSSR signs a neutrality pack with Japan 19411945Russia just looking for more Allies to do their dirty workThe immediate postwar civil war the immediate portwar positionsthe civil war breaks out anewPower vacuum in AsiaForces trying to reorganize AsiaThe US was supposed to take control of the regionHad not decided what they wanted to doStabilize the islands and establish democratic authorityOnly wanted control of JapanThe age of imperialism had come to an end
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