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Andre Lecours

French Revolutions of 1830 & 1848 1830 -Louis XVIII’s Constitutional Charter of 1814 a liberal constitution that made sure the political & social reforms made by the lower classes during the revolution were protected. -Also permitted artistic freedom + upper & lower houses were created. -Louis appointed as his ministers moderate royalists, who got support from the majority of both houses during his reign (r.1816-1824) -However, Louis’s Charter was not democratic  100,000 of the wealthiest men got to vote out of 30 million people. Diverse group of “notable people” wealthy businessmen, war profiteers, ex-revolutionaries and large landowners from the old aristocracy. -Louis’s successor, Charles X (r.1824-1830) wanted to return to the old order in France and dismiss the Charter. He issued decrees stripping much of the wealthy middle class from its voting rights and censored the press. -An insurrection in the capital brought by printers, other artisans and small traders and encouraged by journalists & lawyers occurred. In “three glorious days “the government collapsed  Charles fled  upper middle class appoints Charles’s cousin, Duke of Orleans, Louis Philippe. (r.1830-1848) -Louis adopted the red,white and blue flag, the Charter of 1814 and the vote was extended to 170,000. Not much progress  Poor of Paris  Can I haz votez? -Caisimir Perier a banker & Louis’s chief minister on the “revolution” “The trouble with this country is that there too many people like you who imagine that there has been a revolution in France. -All of this was dramatized by Delacroix’s painting Liberty, Leading the People. Take a gander at it in your textbook or online, it’s a very cool painting. The Revolution of 1848 -Famines and jacked up food prices + unemployment was causing revolutions throughout Europe. -People were unhappy that the government was refusing to consider electoral reform. Dislike of Louis’s corrupt “Bourgeois Monarchy”. -Middle class had enough and on February 22 1948 they revolted. By February 24 , th Louis abdicated in favor of his
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