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Christian Champion

Course 6 September-23-13 12:55 PM Readings • Indian view of the 1885 uprising • Blain Stonechild History of the Candian Peoples • NorthWest Rebellion • Riel • HBC and NWC • Métis Article Summary • Only up to the first part of Subject 11 • Summarize in your own words • 500 words • Read first page and last page figure out what they are saying then read the middle to find evidence • Use Chicago style Course • Before the fur trade, there were no such thing as the Métis people • Totally distincive culture of the Métis • Why did they believe they had such a strong claim to the land, when the MacDonald government was trying to annex the land • People of the Plains ○ When whites arrived, Plains Indians were already using horses on the hunt, in warfare, and as beasts of burden ○ How was that ??  Horses are not native from North America  They either migrated or were brought back to North America wild,  Culture was totally transformed because of the use of horses • Country Marriages ○ Fur Trade alliances and intermarriage ○ Company agents married chiefs' daughters (Cree, Ojbway, Saulteaux)  Company man would go between groups and then would marry a daughter of one of the Native chiefs ○ House Indians  Generally bilingual  They would move away Métis ○ ○ First generation would be half and half, half Native and half of whatever other race (French, Irish, Scottish) ○ Métis see themselves as holding more, of having something more, something special • Métis Guide ○ François Lucie  Painted at Fort Edmonton in 1846 by Paul Kane  Would have otherwise be unknown in history  A métis • Métis jiggers • Selkirk Settlement (Red River) ○ Scots sponsored by Lord Selkirk in 1812 ○ Colony was trapped in the rivalry between HBC and NWC ○ By 1860s Métis (french speaking) > Scots ○ Council of Assiniboia 1821 to 1870  Governing authority ○ Métis that worked for the NWC helped harass the Selkirk Settlement ○ Selkirk himself died in 1820 • Cuthbert Grant ○ One of the great leader of the Métis ○ Born 1793 ○ Scots father, half Cree/French mother Loyal NWC man ○ Loyal NWC man ○ Captain General of Half-Breeds ○ NWC would find people that were high up in Native status and would give them big position ○ NWC actually backed up the idea of the Métis being there own race, were a different nation, that were under threat of the company, of the settlers ○ Ongueil is the Métis enemy • Battle of Seven Oaks 1816 ○ 60 Métis vs. 20 HBC men ○ All 20 HBC men were killed ○ 60 Métis leaded by Cuthbert Grant ○ «Chanson de la Grenouillère»(Falco
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